Protecting the Past is the international conference and workshop series organised by the Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East & North Africa (EAMENA) Project in cooperation with regional partners in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The heritage of the MENA region is of international importance: the region contains millions of documented and un-documented archaeological sites. Whilst current international attention is focused on conflict damage, the heritage of these regions is at risk from multiple threats including looting, inundation caused by dam construction, development and expanding agriculture.

The purpose of this series is to move beyond describing the threats facing the cultural heritage of the region and focus on understanding them, examining new approaches and projects for heritage protection. It promotes debate and discussion on the range of threats to cultural heritage sites, and aims to facilitate communication between different groups and enhance regional understanding of the issues. By bringing together different stakeholders, we hope to formulate strategies for the future, aimed at preserving cultural heritage sites and developing long-lasting partnerships within the MENA region.

Organisation Committee

The Protecting the Past organising committee is composed of:

Zaki Aslan – ICCROM-Sharjah

Michael Fradley – EAMENA

Nada Hosking – GHF

Julia Nikolaus – MarEA

Bijan Rouhani – EAMENA, Conference coordinator

Sheerin Sahouri – ICCROM-Sharjah

Nichole Sheldrick – EAMENA

David Goeury – GHF