Protecting the Past (PtP) is the international conference and workshop series initiated and organised by the Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East & North Africa (EAMENA) Project in cooperation with international and regional partners in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, including ICCROM-Sharjah and Global Heritage Fund (GHF).

The heritage of the MENA region is of international importance: the region contains millions of documented and undocumented archaeological sites. Whilst current international attention is focused on conflict damage, the heritage of these regions is at risk from multiple threats including earthquakes, flooding caused by heavy rainfall or dam construction, looting, development and expanding agriculture.

The purpose of this series is to move beyond describing the threats facing the cultural heritage of the region and focus on understanding the underlying causes, examining new approaches and projects for heritage protection and conservation. It promotes debate and discussion on the range of threats to cultural heritage sites and aims to facilitate communication between different groups and enhance regional understanding of the issues. By bringing together different stakeholders, the conference hopes to formulate strategies for the future, aimed at conserving cultural heritage sites and developing long-lasting partnerships within the MENA region.

Organisation Committee

For EAMENA, the Protecting the Past organising committee is composed of :

Zaki Aslan  – (ICCROM-Sharjah)

Michael Fradley  – (EAMENA- Univerity of Oxford)

David Goeury  – (GHF)

Nada Hosking  – (GHF)

Rohit Jigyasu  – (ICCROM-Sharjah)

Julia Nikolaus – (MarEA, Ulster University)

Bijan Rouhani – (EAMENA- University of Oxford)

Sheerin Sahouri – (ICCROM-Sharjah)

Nichole Sheldrick  (EAMENA, University of Oxford)

Documentation as a Tool for Heritage Protection

The third Protecting the Past conference was held in Tunis (Tunisia) between 2-4 December 2017 at the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisation (ALECSO) Headquarters. The conference in Tunis followed a four-week training event …

Documentation as a Tool for Heritage Protection Read More

Towards a better future with cultural heritage

The second Protecting the Past conference (entitled ‘Towards a Better Future with Cultural Heritage’) was held in Sulaimani (KRG, Iraq) in autumn 2016. A conference field trip to the Erbil Citadel also took place prior …

Towards a better future with cultural heritage Read More

Archaeology, conservation and tourism in the north of Jordan

The first Protecting the Past conference was held in Amman (Jordan) between 28-30 September 2015 at The Jordan Museum. This even was co-organised by EAMENA, the Department of Antiquities of Jordan, and the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, …

Archaeology, conservation and tourism in the north of Jordan Read More

Organisers & Partners

Organising Partners

Global Heritage Fund

Local Partners

Région Souss Massa
Société de Développement Régional du Tourisme Souss Massa
Région Sous Massa
Université Ibn Zohr
Centre Jacques-Berque
Agence Urbaine d'Agadir
Région Sous Massa
SMD Culture
École nationale d'architecture
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Conseil Régional du Tourisme
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