Day 1- Tuesday 4 December

08.15-10.00 Registration and coffee
10.00-10.05 ICCROM - Welcome/Opening by the host organisation
10.05-10.10 Bijan Rouhani - Themes and conference goals
10.10-11.00 Introduction of hosts, donors, organisers
10.10-10.15 Zaki Aslan - ICCROM-ATHAR
10.15-10.20 Robert Bewley - EAMENA, University of Oxford
10.20-10.25 George Richards - Art Jameel​
10.25-10.35 Stefaan Poortman - Global Heritage Fund (GHF), followed by Randa Haidar - Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT)
10.35-11.05 Group Photograph and Coffee Break
11.05-11.25 ICCROM Director General - Keynote Speech
Chair: Zaki Aslan
11.25-11.45 Anna Paolini - UNESCO Regional Office in Doha: "Yemen: the challenge of protecting the past"
11.45-12.05 Giovanni Fontana Antonelli - UNESCO Office for Iraq: "Remote sensing and mapping using drones surveying and other technologies for the restoration and reconstruction of the urban heritage of Mosul"
12.05-12.25 Manuel Fiol - UNOSAT: "New Technologies for the Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage"
12.25-12.45 Khalila Hassouna - ICONEM: "Protecting the Past with Digital Recording Techniques"
12.45-13.05 Session Discussion
13.05-14.00 Lunch
Chair: Julia Nikolaus
14.00-14.20 Lamin Abdulaati - Libya's Department of Antiquities (South): "Natural and human risks to cultural heritage of the southern Libyan"
14.20-14.40 Héla Mekki - INP- Tunisia: "Documentation and management of archaeological heritage with new technology. Case study: the region of Matmata in southern Tunisia"
14.40-15.00 Nader Elkendi - Department of Antiquities of Libya: "The archaeological sites of Ghadames between damages and threats"
15.00-15.10 Session Discussion
15.10-15.40 Coffee Break
Chair: Letty ten Harkel
15.40-16.00 Eman Titi - Palestine's Department of Antiquities: "Developing the database of the Palestinian heritage sites and buildings of through the EAMENA program"
16.00-16.20 Mohammad Atoom - Department of Antiquities of Jordan: "Condition Assessment of Archaeological Sites Disturbed by Natural and Human Factors through Field Work and Other Sources – Jerash Area"
16.20-16.40 Hamidreza Jayhani - University of Kashan: "EAMENA Database and Landscape Conservation of the Fin Area, Kashan, Iran"
16.40-16.50 Discussion

Day 2- Wednesday 5 December

08.30-09.00 Coffee
09.00-10.40 Donor Perspective Session
Chair: Robert Bewley
09.00-09.40 Donor introduction and perspective on heritage investment.
  • Maja Kominko - Arcadia Fund
  • Amy Eastwood and Catriona Macpherson - Cultural Protection Fund
  • France Desmarais - ALIPH Foundation
  • Richard Cuttler - Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism
09.40-10.30 Donor-led Q&A and panel discussion
10.30-10.40 Conference announcement
10.40-11.00 Coffee Break
Chair: Nada Hosking
11.00-11.20 David Goeury and Salima Naji - GHF- Morocco Projects: "Diagnostic tools and preservation of the collective heritage: the case of the collective granaries of Southern Morocco. Combine high tech and low tech to ensure a reinforcement of local skills"
11.20-11.40 Youssef Bokbot - INSAP (Morocco): "The cultural heritage of the Moroccan presahara: between dangers and actions of safeguarding and valorization"
11.40-12.10 Bruno Deslandes - ARCHItravs Sia: "Emergency operational documentation & diagnostic works undertaken in armed conflicts zones"
12.10-12.30 Discussion
12.30-13.30 Lunch
Chair: George Richards
13.30-13.50 Colin Breen - Ulster University - and Lucy Blue - Southampton University: "Documenting and Protecting the Maritime Archaeological Resource of the MENA and Gulf regions."
13.50-14.10 Andres Acosta and Soroush Khanlou - GHF: "AMAL in Heritage"
14.10-14.20 Rand Eppich - EU Projects: "An Overlooked Threat to Cultural Heritage?"
14.20-14.40 Discussion
14.40-15.00 Coffee Break
15.00-16.30 Digital Documentation Showcase
Evening Cultural Tour of Sharjah (by invitation only)

Delegates' Dinner
(by invitation only) - hosted by Art Jameel at Jameel Arts Centre, Dubai

Day 3- Thursday 6 December

09.00-09.30 Coffee
Chair: France Desmarais
09.30-09.50 Hessa AlBader - Studio Bound: "The Role of Mapping and Documentation"
09.50-10.10 Abdu Hafiz - College of Mass Communication and Humanities, Ajman University, UAE: "The Role of Digital Documentation in Heritage Documentation in the UAE"
10.10-10.30 Michael Mallinson and Helen Mallinson - Mallinson Architects: "Western Sudan Community Museum Mapping Project"
10.30-10.50 Christophe Graz - Hydea: "HCK. A New Approach/Methodology for Geo-Referenced Onsite Surveys- Working seamlessly from field data collection to online/offline data exploitation – Ongoing projects and potential developments"
10.50-11.00 Discussion
11.00-11.30 Coffee Break
Chair: Michael Fradley
11.30-11.50 Mohamed Ashmawy - Library of Alexandria, Egypt: "The impact of using advanced technology in the preservation of Cultural Heritage"
11.50-12.10 Christopher Turner - Victoria and Albert Museum: "Maps of defiance"
12.10-12.30 Annette Gibbons-Warren, Adam Lowe, Otto Lowe - Royal Commission for Al-Ula; Factum Foundation for Digital Technology in Conservation: "Transferring Technology - a Collaboration Between Art Jameel, the Royal Commission of Al-Ula and Factum Foundation"
12.30-12.50 Didier Bouakaze-Khan - University of Ankara- CPF Adviser: "Heritage in Conflict Zones Research Network as a tool for regional Capacity Building"
12.50-13.00 Discussion
13.00-14.00 Lunch
Chair: Stefaan Poortman
14.00-15.30 Roundtable session to discuss future priorities and direction following PtP topics.
Jihad Yasin (Palestine), Wajdi Ahmed Zaid (Yemen), Zaki Aslan (ICCROM-ATHAR), Mohammad Atoom (Jordan)
15.30-16.00 Coffee Break
16.00-16.40 Andrea Zerbini - closing remarks and discussion - conference close

Organisers & Partners

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